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Hi, I’m Alisa

For over 30 years, I've been a catalyst for change – a storyteller, advocate, and certified life coach.

Through my journey as a journalist and lobbyist, I've given voices to those seeking fairness and change in their communities. Together, we've achieved impactful milestones:

Streamlined access to therapies for low-income children with disabilities.

Secured multi-million dollar programs for charity medical clinics serving patients without insurance.

Brought a training to my hometown police department so they could respond to people in mental health crises.

Along my journey, I've experienced an awakening and enlightenment that inspire me to to help others navigate their path.

Maybe you have a desire to make a difference in your community. Or, maybe you want to make a difference within yourself.

Whether you've felt small, angry, frustrated, or overwhelmed, there is hope.


Stand up

Speak up

Tell your story

Make a difference in the world

Together, we can be the change that our world and communities need. Join me on this transformative journey.

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